ITC Project


Kenya made a strong commitment toward strong tobacco control in all major policy areas with the passing of the 2007 Tobacco Control Act. This Act made amendments to a 2004 Act to align it more closely with the WHO FCTC, to which Kenya became
a signatory in 2004.


Survey Overview

Survey Mode: Face-to-Face Survey

Wave Survey Dates Survey Sample
1 October 22 to December 21, 2012 1,489 Tobacco Users, 594 Non-Users
2 April 9 to June 19th, 2018 1,500* Tobacco Users, 600* Non-Users
* Target Sample Size  


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Kenya Contact Information

Partner Institutions

Susan Kaai, Project Manager
Anne Quah, Research Scientist
Jane Rahedi Ong'ang'o, Principal Investigator
Lawrence Ikamari, Co-Principal Investigator