Survey Types
Recruitment Initial survey questionnaire used to recruit the first wave of respondents in telephone and web interviews.
Recontact Survey questionnaire administered to respondents who were recruited in previous waves.
Replenishment Survey questionnaire administered to new respondents in the follow-up survey waves to replace the respondents from previous waves who could not be recontacted.
Enumeration Form Form used to establish the status of tobacco use in a household and to establish tobacco use prevalence.
Screener Survey questionnaire used to determine the appropriate survey to administer to respondent in the face-to-face surveys.
Household Survey questionnaire used in specific countries (Bangladesh, India, Zambia, and Kenya) to determine the respondent's household socio-economic status.
Respondent Categories
Adult 15 years and older (Netherlands, India, Bangladesh, Zambia, Kenya)
18 years and older (Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, china, Mexico, Uruguay, Malaysia, Mauritius, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand)
19 years and older (Republic of Korea)
Youth 13 - 17 years old (Malaysia, Thailand)
Respondent Type Based on Tobacco Use
Smoker /Cigarette Smoker For respondents who ONLY smoke cigarettes.
Bidi Smoker For respondents who ONLY smoke bidis.
Smoked Tobacco User For respondents who smoke one or more tobacco products.
Smokeless Tobacco User For respondents who ONLY use smokeless tobacco.
Dual Smoker For respondents who smoke BOTH cigarettes and bidis.
Mixed User For respondents who use BOTH smoked and smokeless tobacco.
Quitter For recontact respondents who have QUIT all tobacco products.
Non-Smoker, Non-user of Tobacco, or Ex-tobacco user For respondents who DO NOT smoke either cigarettes or bidis, or use smokeless tobacco.