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France ratified the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) on October 2004. The ITC France Project was launched in 2006 to create a system for surveillance and evaluation of tobacco control initiatives in France, including the two-phase ban on smoking in work and public places.

Survey Overview

Survey Mode: Random Digit Dialed Telephone Survey
Wave Survey Dates Survey Sample Size
FR1 - France December 12, 2006 to February 2, 2007 1,735 Smokers and 525 Non-Smokers
FR2 - France September 11 to November 28, 2008 1,704 Smokers & Quitters and 515 Non-Smokers
FR3 - France September 27 to December 5, 2012 1,700 Smokers & Quitters and 504 Non-Smokers

FR1 Timeline

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