P01 Administrative Core

Administrative Core

Director: K. Michael Cummings, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina (USA)

The purpose of the Administrative Core (AC) is to provide and integrate scientific leadership, administrative support, and fiscal management, for the entire Program Project. The three primary functions of the Administrative Core (AC) include:

  1. Project management including communications logistics, fiscal oversight, compliance monitoring, and submission of progress reports to NIH
  2. Scientific planning, coordination and evaluation which will involve regular meetings of project and core leaders to develop common definitions and measures to be applied across studies, shared systems for recruiting subjects, tracking policies and new and modified products, supporting pilot studies as appropriate to advance study aims, and soliciting and responding to feedback from an expert external advisory committee; and
  3. Facilitating the dissemination of research products by: 1) publishing, presenting and tracking research products produced by the P01; 2) creating dissemination products showcasing the findings from the P01; 3) partnering with key stakeholder organizations, and 4) maintaining the P01 website where study protocols, research products and policy tracking is shared.