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Tobacco control in Europe: A deadly lack of progress
Ann McNeill, Lorraine Craig, Marc C. Willemsen, Geoffrey T. Fong

Comparative impact of smoke-free legislation on smoking cessation in three European countries
Gera E. Nagelhout, Hein de Vries, Christian Boudreau, Shane Allwright, Ann McNeill, Bas van den Putte, Geoffrey T. Fong, Marc C. Willemsen

Comprehensive smoke-free policies attract more support from smokers in Europe than partial policies
Ute Mons, Gera E. Nagelhout, Romain Guignard, Ann McNeill, Bas van den Putte, Marc C. Willemsen, Hermann Brenner, Martina Pötschke-Langer, Lutz P. Breitling

Predictors of car smoking rules among smokers in France, Germany and the Netherlands
Sara C. Hitchman, Romain Guignard, Gera E. Nagelhout, Ute Mons, François Beck, Ban van den Putte, Mathilde Crone, Hein de Vries, Andrew Hyland, Geoffrey T. Fong

Smoking cessation interventions from health care providers before and after the national smoke-free law in France
Ryan David Kennedy, Ilan Behm, Lorraine Craig, Mary E. Thompson, Geoffrey T. Fong, Romain Guignard, Francois Beck

Outdoor smoking behaviour and support for outdoor smoking restrictions before and after France's national smoking ban
Ryan David Kennedy, Ilan Behm, Lorraine Craig, Mary E. Thompson, Geoffrey T. Fong

Do smokers in Europe think all cigarettes are equally harmful?
Abraham Brown, Ann McNeill, Ute Mons, Romain Guignard

Struggling to make ends meet: exploring pathways to understand why smokers in financial difficulties are less likely to quit successfully
Amrit Caleyachetty, Sarah Lewis, Ann McNeill, Jo Leonardi-Bee