Feb 2022 | Support for Cigarette and Vaping Policies in Canada | English

This report presents data from the ITC Wave 3 (2020) Canada Smoking and Vaping Survey on support for 14 regulatory measures for cigarette/tobacco products and vaping products. The data was collected in an online survey conducted between February 24 to May 31, 2020 among a nationally representative sample of 3650 adult (18 years and older) smokers (at least monthly), recent ex-smokers (who quit less than two years ago), and never-smokers who use e-cigarettes and/or heated tobacco products. Data are presented by user group and by province/region. Data on selected measures from Canada are also compared with data collected at the same time from respondents in three other high-income ITC countries – Australia, England, and the United States.

This report is also available in French.


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