Thomas K. Agar


Research Associate, ITC Project, University of Waterloo, Canada

Thomas Agar is the ITC Research Associate for New Zealand, as well as projects throughout Europe, including France, the Netherlands, and more. He is responsible for organizing, leading, managing, and monitoring the overall planning and implementation of ITC surveys in these respective countries.

Thomas has been with ITC since 2011, where he started as the Assistant Survey Manager, aiding in the management of ITC's survey database. Tom has been a Research Associate and Country Project Manager since 2014, having managed projects in Asia, Europe, South America, and Oceania. Thomas completed his M.A. in History at McGill University, specializing in Canada's international relations. He has extensive work experience in international policy and health research, including work as a researcher and project manager for The Centre for International Governance Innovation, a global governance think tank based in Waterloo, Canada. He also served as an assistant coordinator for a web-based survey database with the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact.