Shannon Gravely


Research Assistant Professor, ITC Project, University of Waterloo, Canada

Research Interests: Tobacco control, global health policy, health policy evaluation, harm reduction, regulatory policies for tobacco and cannabis, public health, alternative nicotine/tobacco products.

Shannon Gravely, Ph.D., holds an MSc degree in Health Psychology from Leiden University (The Netherlands), and a Ph.D. from York University (Canada) from the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, Faculty of Health. After obtaining her doctorate degree, she completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stony Brook University Health Sciences Center, New York. Gravely spent her post-graduate education and early career in the domain of cardiovascular behavioural medicine, with a strong focus on assessing access to secondary heart health programs after a cardiac diagnosis and/or event.

Dr. Gravely is currently a Research Assistant Professor within the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (the ITC Project) in the Department of Psychology at the University of Waterloo. The ITC Project conducts rigorous evaluation studies of the tobacco control policies and regulations of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) across 29 countries. Dr. Gravely’s role in tobacco control research within the ITC Project is in systematic evaluation of key tobacco control policies at the population level. She is involved in the development and implementation of international research studies including cohort surveys, data analyses, and dissemination of research findings. Her research includes examining the impact of policies in several domains of the FCTC, including health warnings, smoke-free policies, cessation (particularly the role nicotine vaping products may play in harm reduction), and plain packaging. Her research interests also include studies on how cannabis regulatory policies may play a role in problematic patterns of cannabis and tobacco use, whether cannabis legalization is associated with an increase in co-use of cannabis and tobacco, and whether cannabis legalization results in a decrease in smoking cessation. Gravely previously held a 3-year Canadian Cancer Society Career Development Award in Prevention (2015-2018).