Mangesh Pednekar


Co-Principal Investigator, ITC India
Healis Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health, Navi, Mumbai, India
Department of Society, Human Development, and Health, Harvard School of Public Health, USA

Dr. Pednekar is the Director of Healis Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health in Navi, Mumbai, India. He is also a visiting Scientist at the Department of Society, Human Development, and Health, Harvard School of Public Health, USA. Dr. Pednekar is also the Principal Investigator of ‘Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Tobacco Use and Tobacco Control Policy in India’ in collaboration with the University of Michigan, Co- Principal Investigator of the ‘International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project’ (ITC) India Project, and Co-Investigator on an NCI funded ‘Bihar School Teachers’ Survey’ (BSTS), the ‘Mumbai Worksite Tobacco Control Policy Study’ (MWTCP), and dissemination grants, in collaboration with PI from Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Pednekar has extensive experience in national and international collaborative project management and implementation, including building relationships with collaborators. He has primarily worked in the area of tobacco control research and cancer control. His major research interests are tobacco epidemiology, nutrition epidemiology, and cancer epidemiology. He is actively involved in many national and international epidemiological research studies. He has already published number of scientific research articles in high impacted national and international journals, contributed as an author in some books and scientific reports, and also served as reviewer for many national and international scientific journals like AJE, bulletin of WHO etc. His academic accomplishments include a Doctorate in Epidemiology from the School of Public Health, University of Tampere, Finland and a Masters in Statistics from Mumbai University, India.

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