Anne C.K. Quah

Ph.D., DipTrans (IoL, UK), DipTrans (PPM, Malaysia)

ITC Managing Director and Senior Research Scientist, ITC Project, University of Waterloo, Canada

Anne C. K. Quah, Ph.D., is the ITC Managing Director and Senior Research Scientist at the ITC Project at the University of Waterloo. She collaborates with the ITC Chief Principal Investigator, ITC Knowledge Translation Manager, ITC Administrative Manager, and DMC leadership to create an overall strategy for ITC Country Project planning, development, deployment, and evaluation related to the current ITC country projects and future ITC country projects. She also manages and facilitates the production of scientific papers, collaborating with ITC researchers at partnering universities and research centers, as well as coordinating with Civil Society, the World Health Organization (WHO), and ministries of health, among others. She also provides leadership for project management in the US PATH (Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health) Project at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Quah is the coordinator of the ITC Project Economists Group (IPEG). Because of her expertise in linguistics and translation, Dr. Quah leads the overall survey questionnaire translation efforts to ensure all English questions are translated into the closest equivalents and that they are comparable in different languages of the ITC countries.

Dr. Quah received her undergraduate honours degree in linguistics from the National University of Malaysia and her doctorate in translation and linguistics from the University of Surrey, UK. She is also a certified professional technical translator (English/Malay) from the distinguished Institute of Linguists, a credentialing professional body of translators, interpreters and linguists in the UK. Before arriving at the University of Waterloo, she held teaching positions at the National University of Malaysia and the Malaysian Translators Association. She was one of the team members of a multilingual machine translation project with NTT (Nippon Telegraph & Telephone), a Japanese telecommunication company. She is also the author of a book titled “Translation and Technology” published in 2006 by Palgrave MacMillan UK. Her book has been published in the UK and China, and in 2008, her book was translated into Russian, published by Moscow Academia.

Anne can be contacted via email at