ITC Project

What is the ITC Project?

The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (the ITC Project) is the first international research program for the systematic evaluation of key policies of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) at the population level. The ITC Project is conducting longitudinal cohort surveys in more than 28 countries and includes over 150 tobacco control collaborators.

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News & Highlights

The Global Tobacco Control Treaty has Reduced Smoking Rates in its First Decade, but More Work is Needed

Despite worldwide progress since the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC) came into effect in 2005, not all key demand-reduction measures have been fully implemented at the same pace, but doing so could reduce tobacco use even further.        

The Fifth Estate, "E-cigarettes: Welcome Back, Big Tobacco"

THE FIFTH ESTATE (Friday, October 21, 2016): Five million Canadians still smoke, and Health Canada is on the cusp of deciding how e-cigarettes should be regulated. Could e-cigarettes help wean smokers over to a safer nicotine delivery device? What will this mean for our e-cigarette industry?

Until now, e-cigarettes with nicotine have not been endorsed by Health Canada. And that's kept Big Tobacco out of the Canadian market. Will new regulations open the doors for a tarred industry to join in the e-cigarette revolution?

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