ITC Project

ITC Uruguay Project Findings featured on 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver'


This week on 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver', host John Oliver took on global tobacco marketing. In an 18-minute video John expertly highlights the bullying tactics of the tobacco industry, showing the extreme lengths Big Tobacco will go to intimidate countries around the world into shying away from strong tobacco control policies including pictorial warning labels and plain packaging. John and his Last Week Tonight team used findings from the ITC Uruguay National Report Waves 1 to 4 (2006-2012), citing the finding that 68% of smokers believe the government should take even stronger action. Uruguay and Australia are among two countries who are currently battling Philip Morris International in court as a result of public health policies they implemented to warn citizens of the health dangers of smoking tobacco.
UPDATE: In response to Ireland's decision to pass plain packaging legislation only a few weeks following this video, John Oliver released a short clip to update his viewers on Jeff the Diseased Lung, and the efforts of tobacco control advocates around the world. A link to the video is available here