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National Reports

Country-specific ITC Survey findings across a variety of tobacco control policy themes.

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Policy Reports

Plain language syntheses of ITC project findings on specific tobacco control policy themes.

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Country Summaries

A brief overview of key findings of ITC Surveys conducted in a specific country.

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Technical Reports

Methodological background and key statistical indicators for the survey conducted in each country.

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Working Papers

Intended to disseminate the findings of ITC research prior to peer review and publication in an academic journal.

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Cross-Country Comparison Reports

Initial findings on key indicators of the effectiveness of different policies across 19 countries.

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Scientific Paper Abstracts

Abstracts from academic papers that have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

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Conference Presentations & Posters

Conference Presentations/Posters

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Presentations & Posters


ITC Supplements

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Fact Sheets

A quick look at key findings of ITC Surveys.

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