Genevieve Sansone


Research Scientist, ITC Project, University of Waterloo, Canada

Genevieve Sansone holds a Master of Applied Science degree in Health Psychology and a doctoral degree in Psychology – Special Programs, both from the University of Waterloo. Her dissertation research focused on social acceptability of female smoking and smokeless tobacco use in Bangladesh and India. Genevieve’s other research interests include the role of psychosocial factors in understanding health-relevant behaviours such as smoking and quitting and the impact of tobacco control policies such as smoke-free laws and health warnings.

After completing her PhD in 2014, Genevieve joined the Dissemination team with the ITC Project, where she provides research and writing support for academic papers, presentations, reports, and other dissemination products; creates data visualizations of key findings such as graphs and infographics; and has contributed to management of the various datasets and data access.